October 29, 2006

In Progress: Fetching

Confession: Until fairly recently, I was a cable virgin. I have a vague memory of experimenting with cables when I was younger, but I didn't go all the way. But then the other day I was reading Dogged which is one of my favorite blogs (partly for the knitting and partly because I am a sucker for a cute dog), and it was there that I discovered many versions of Fetching which were indeed fetching. So I decided to give the pattern a try. I've completed the left hand and here's picture of the right hand in progress.


chawne said...

Yay! That yarn is gorgeous, as are your cables. Congrats! I look forward to seeing them in person.

Knitting Bea said...

Thanks! I'm kinda proud of those cables myself. Thanks for the encouragement and the demo!