March 3, 2007

Some FOs and Firsts

School is keeping me unbelievably busy these days. Not much time for blogging, but I have been knitting. I actually finished a bunch of stuff, including these socks for my man for Valentine's Day.

Nothing fancy, just K1 P1 for the cuff and leg, traditional heel flap with a garter stitch edge, and then st st for the foot. I used size 2 DPNs. The yarn is a new try for me--it's Lang Jawoll cotton (49% wool, 35% cotton, and 16% nylon). It's really soft, but seems durable too. We'll see how they hold up. (Socks modeled by my new sock blockers, purchased at the Loopy Ewe.)

Also completed is this nifty blue and white stripey sock that includes another first for me. Can you guess what it is? Look closely . . . .

Still not sure? Here's a close up:

If you guessed "short row heel," you are correct! Woo hoo! I must say, though, that I owe all of my success to the wonderful tutorial at cosmicpluto knits, where I found terrific photos and clear and helpful instructions.

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cauchycomplete said...

Yay, great socks! Does A like them? And your short row heel looks like a pro did it. Congrats!