April 14, 2007


Serious cuteness, no?

Although I'm periodically tempted to knit something for my pooch, I have so far resisted. It would be wrong, however, to pretend that I don't occasionally look at patterns for doggie attire and other dog-related items. Which is how I happened to be browsing the free pet patterns on The Daily Knitter, where I found the pattern for this way adorable dishcloth. The original pattern comes from Rhonda White at Knitting Knonsense.

(Yarn is Knitpicks Main Line in Red Velvet Cake, and I used size 7 needles.)


Anonymous said...

This is TOTAL cuteness. I'm gonna make some of these too. Did you use cotton yarn? cmr

Knitted Gems said...

Great idea! I just love it. You should make a whole afghan out of these blocks.