July 24, 2007

Water, water everywhere

Yesterday we had an honest-to-goodness rainy day. Not a thunder shower and not a flood, but a legitimate rainy day. A real treat in the middle of the summer, if you ask me. If you ask Katie, however, she'll woof you another story.

Kate spent most of the day moping and pining, asking to go out, and then coming right back in because, well, she didn't know it was STILL raining, and, hey, could we please take a walk, but OH NO, it's RAINING! And like that. Out in out in out in. All day.

But back to me. Among yesterday's accomplishments--a completed ribbed lace sock (well, except for the kitchener-ing).

And check out the eye-of-partridge heel. Ain't it fancy? (Pattern deets available here.)

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cauchy09 said...

Gorgeous socks!