July 9, 2007

Recipe for a Happy Dog

Line a microwavable plate with a couple of paper towels. Add a layer of Cheerios.

Add a layer of hotdog pieces.

Microwave on high, between 1 and 1.5 mins. per hotdog, or until hotdog pieces are just a little crispy and Cheerios have absorbed some of the hotdog juices. (Katie says, "Mmm . . . hot dog juices . . .")

These treats are very popular at our house, and they're great for training because they're small and, if microwaved to the appropriate consistency, not too greasy. They need to be refridgerated--I usually make a couple hotdogs' worth at one time and keep them in the fridge for a few days (no longer). To save time, I will cut up a pack of hotdogs into bite-sized pieces and freeze portions in baggies. Then when I'm ready to make more, I can just spread the frozen pieces on top of the Cheerios.


Anonymous said...

Aw fer the luva....
Lucky, lucky doggus...Why the cheerios too and not just the "meat"?cmr

knitizen said...

forget Loki,that looks good enough for a late night snack for me! thanks for the recipe--i'm going to try it on my furby tomorrow.