August 25, 2007


I devoted some time this past week to organizing my yarn stash, most of which used to fit in this cool old box.

By "used to," I mean before I started knitting socks. Now I have yarn in many places--some organized by project, some by color or fibre, etc. It was getting so that I couldn't remember what I had. So, earlier this week, I forced myself to go through everything, and I think I made good progress toward organizing yarn and also supplies. Current and upcoming projects as well as stuff I use every day (needles, stitch holders, etc) are organized into various bins and containers on shelves where I can easily find them. Patterns not from books are organized in a magazine file. Everything else is sorted into bins that I'll store out of the way in a closet. (I am currently procrastinating the organizing of that closet as I write this.)

In the meantime, as I was sorting, I found a few treasures, including an old Cascade Fixation vest pattern that I started a l-o-o-o-n-g time ago (think graduate school) and never finished, a row counter, some needles and stitch holder.Here's the squashy bag pre- and post-felting:

I still need to add the snap and maybe some decoration on the flap. Also above are "Easy Mittens" from OSW, knit in Andes wool I had in my stash. I think the finished mitt is a little on the long side, so I'm going to rip out a couple rows. But I got a nice striped effect with the blue and tan varigated yarn on size 6 needles.

Note: Re problems posting last time--the post finally did appear; it's the one right under "Technical difficulties."

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