September 3, 2007

Room With a View

Here's a photo taken from the inside of our construction project--this is what it looks like if you're standing in the kitchen looking out toward the back yard.

Before, you had to walk through that doorway on the right to get to the back, and so we had two rooms that weren't very functional. Now we have a nice entrance to the back and, to the right, a little pantry.

Below are two new projects I started over the weekend. On the left, "Yarrow Ribbed Socks" from Vintage Socks, and on the right, 20 rows of what will eventually be a bird cage cover to keep Gino and Rocky warm once the temps start to drop.

Socks are on size 1 DPNs and I'm using Apple Laine's Apple Pie sock yarn (50% wool, 20% mohair, 20% silk, 10% Nylon) which I purchased at The Loopy Ewe . This yarn is really really soft and a pleasure to knit with. These will be really warm socks! The cage cover is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes because, well, it's cheap, and this project requires a lot of yarn! I've been thinking about this project for a while and trying out different designs, including crocheting a giant circle, which, after 15 or so rounds, turned out to be really really boring work--probably because I'm not experienced enough with crochet to come up with an interesting design. In the end, I decided to knit separate panels to form a box. That way I can break it down into parts and maybe do something interesting with the individual panels and/or in piecing them together--I'm thinking maybe buttons or ties. Other than those plans, I'm mostly making the design up as I go--which, I realize, could be a terrible mistake. The panel in the above pic will go on the top. It's just a rectange of st st framed by garter st. Here's what I've done so far:

  • CO 95 (I used a cable cast on).
  • K 16 rows.
  • Beginning with row 17 and then for all odd rows: K 10, P 75, K 10.
  • Beginning with row 18 and then for all even rows, K.

I think I'll keep going this way until I cover just a little less than half the area of the cage top and then do another 16 rows of garter stitch. Depending on how things look, I may actually construct the top piece of two panels rather than one big one.

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Anonymous said...

The socks look gorgeous. But those birds sure are spoiled--what are you going to knit for Katie now?