October 20, 2007

Some Faves

This week I tried a couple new yarns that have been waiting patiently in my stash. (Yes, this means, I have two new FOs, which puts me at 9, I think--just over the average recorded in Knitting Daily's recent poll.) Below is the beginning of the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet from Peony Knits

I'm using Kraemer Yarns alpaca, bulky weight, in rose gray on size 10.5 circs. This yarn is buttery soft, and I look forward to using it for other projects. As for this project--it's quick and easy. I added 5 extra stitches (which gives me 55 total at the cast-on edge and works out to one extra for each section--i.e., two front panels, 2 sleeves, back) since my gage on these needles is slightly fewer stitches per inch than in the original pattern. This may make the capelet too big-- I'll just have to see.

And then below is another pair of Easy Mittens from OS Wonders. I really like this pattern--and, actually, I really REALLY like it with this yarn: Paton's SYS. (GK tells me that she finds this yarn too splitty. And it is. A little. But for me the fuzzy softness is worth dealing with the occasionally splitty strands. Also? So far, it's not pilling. Gotta love that.) I knit these in the smaller size on #6 DPNs.

Truth? They're just my size, which means that they'd probably be a bit snug for a person with average sized hands. If I were making these for someone else, I'd probably go up a needle size.

And, last but not least, can I just say that I recently spent a TOTALLY pleasant afternoon at The Knit Knack in Maplewood NJ. This shop is fab, in no small part because of the friendly owners and the wonderful selection of very beauteous yarns. GK and I spent a very cozy couple of hours knitting (and catching up) as we sat in the comfy chairs at the front of the shop. I also came home with more than a few things to add to my stash, including the most lovely Trekking XXL, which I've nearly finished knitting into a pair of socks. Just for me.


Anonymous said...

I think knitting that SWS on smaller needles will stop the pilling. As for the Trekking socks--they look great. How many sts did you cast on? I had to frog mine--too small at 54 or 56 sts.


And I agree with you about Knitknack--I've had no desire to buy yarn since I returned with my haul.

knitizen said...

i recently ordered a bag of that Kraemer alpaca. i'm looking forward to it's imminent arrival so i can sample it. glad you liked the shop!