November 4, 2007

Not Much Knitting

My mom isn't a knitter, but she loves sheep. About a month ago, she saw this little sheepy tape measure at Jo Ann fabs, and sent it to me. Adorable, no? For some reason, Katie finds this guy irresistable. If I forget and leave him within her reach, she'll carry him around until I notice.

Between little time for knitting (yes, even on sabbatical that happens--who knew?) and the fact that I'm working on Christmas presents that I don't want to write about here, I don't have much to show for this week. CR asked how Kate, who's temporarily on "restricted activity" due to some tendonitis, is tolerating her leash walks, and, well, let's just say that the mental and physical energy she'd normally burn off during her daily outings is finding other outlets. Here she is "trading" me: I can have my tape measure back if I open the back door to let her out.

Clever dog.


cauchy09 said...

Aww, she's way too cute!

knitizen said...

i like her negotiating style--very persuasive (just look at that face, who can resist?). Loki loves the sheep tape measure too and so far it has proven indestructible. hours of amusement--who knew?

Anonymous said...

Queen Kate is clearly NOT amused. cmr

Anonymous said...

No time to knit on sabbatical? I though that's what sabbatical was for--household chores, knitting, home improvements and yard work :)

Clearly, you're doing something wrong.