December 11, 2007

Christmas Knits

Seems like these days I can knit, or I can blog about knitting. But there's not time to do both. Two planned presents hit major snags this week (no pun intended). Above are some FOs (from L to R): Dashing (in Crystal Palace Aran), and--from OS Wonders in Malabrigo (my new fav. yarn)--Mel's Funky 3-Way Hat, and (my umpteenth pair of) Easy Mittens. All of these patterns are great gift knitting!

Among my other holiday chores? Taking Katie to the groomer so (as they put it) she can "look nice for Santa."


Anonymous said...

The Mittens look great--almost matching, but not quite which makes them interesting. I warned you about Malabrigo--there's no turning back now.

Katie looks almost as big as Miranda with her newly groomed coat. Hope Santa appreciates the effort.

Anonymous said...

Katie looks GORGEOUS! And yer knittin's raht nice, tew! :) -CMR

knitizen said...

Katie looks totally cuddly. Santa better spoil her good. Malabrigo is mah-velous...cozy projects, again those fab mittens i covet.

Rima said...

Hi my blog-friend!

Your post reminded me that I have to get the one-skein wonder book. Well, after I get back from India :)