March 10, 2008

Odds and Ends and Thank You

It didn't seem like I was doing much knitting this past week, but when I took stock of everything, I realized I did, in fact, accomplish a few things. Clockwise from the top: Fireside Footies for A (thus the manlier colors), Garter Rib socks (finished!), Biscuit Blanket in progress (which I stole from someone's Ravelry queue...CMR?... Rima? because I thought it would make a nice hostess gift to have on hand), Ela's Fav with tassels (as called for in the pattern--really? the tassels only increase the fabulosity of this hat), and finally finally A's (not so) Fast, Easy Vest all sewed up.

Re the last item. This will be the last time I knit something from the bottom that can't be tried on along the way because when A. did finally try it on over the weekend the fit wasn't so great. I did size it to one of his other vests that fits well--and, laying flat, the two garments look about the same. But on an actual person, the FEV stretches out just a bit too much. Perhaps Cascade 220 wasn't the best choice for this project after all--maybe I should have used a less sproingy yarn. I'm wondering whether adding the strip around the front for the buttons and button holes will make any difference.
On a happier note, dear Rima, author of the very wonderful Yarny Days gave me this

the other day (thank you!). In my next post, I'll reciprocate. :)

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Anonymous said...

What are you using for the biscuit blanket? And are you going to give us a biscuit recipe to go with it?