April 28, 2008

Signs of Spring

Among the first signs of spring around here are huge mulch piles in everybody's yard. This is a small portion of the load delivered to us a few days ago along with a bunch of organic soil. A. and I spent the weekend preparing planting beds--i.e., weeding, edging, etc. We made a start, but there is a lot of work left to do. And we really don't have a big yard. One of my spring favs is sweet woodruff (above). Ours is just about to bloom. The tiny white flowers appear in early spring, and the leaves keep that pretty green all season. Plus, as the name suggests, the plant has a really pleasant smell.
As for Kate's contribution to our gardening efforts, when she's not sitting on plants or stealing our gloves, she's stretched out on the grass.Can't say much about my current knitting projects, most of which are Mother's Day related, because my Moms? She's now on the internets (yay Mom!) and she checks my blog. :) On a recent visit home, though, I did make good progress on the above Oak Ribbed sock, which is installment 4 in my knit-every-vintage-sock initiative


cauchy09 said...

Ooh, nice sock, there. Good luck with the gardening!

Rima said...

I envy you. You have a garden. We have four plants in a tiny one BR apt. I suppose that sums it up.