May 21, 2008

The Knit Knack

Photos from yesterday's visit to The Knit Knack in Maplewood New Jersey with Chawne. One last fiber fling to mark the end of our sabbatical year. You can see how much fun we had--just look at the expression on Chawne's face.
Of course, surrounded by all of that beautiful yarn, who couldn't help but smile?It was cold and rainy outside, but warm and cozy inside the shop, which now has a table in the center where you can work. This time, we also got to meet Loki, official shop dog and all-around handsome boy.

Chawne showed a bit more restraint than I by picking up this lovely apple-y green Rowan Felted Tweed, which was on sale. But since most of my yarn was for gift knitting I didn't feel too guilty. Well, okay, except for that one skein of Misti Alpaca sock yarn. But I couldn't resist. Really, I blame Meera for showing it to me in the first place. :)

After a nice visit with Meera, Glen and Loki, we had a yummy lunch at a cafe down the street. The hour-long drive back home in the pouring rain would have been gloomy except that we had all that yarn to cheer us up.


cauchy09 said...

Hooray! Yep, it was a glorious time and I'm still high on yarn fumes. Shall we go steal that fabulous dog next week?

knitizen said...

I think Loki was sweet on both of you--he was showing off a little. It's always great to see you and I'm glad you found some fiberly take-out. I highly recommend that Misti sock yarn, I'm addicted!

Anonymous said...

How come you never took ME there??? cmr