November 8, 2008

Random Stuff

It's dark and rainy here--just the kind of day to stay inside and knit. And read Harry Potter (which I'm teaching this week in Intro to Children's Lit). Before the rain started this morning, a flock of sparrows was gathered by the back door where I'd tossed out some birdseed. In their midst was a little chipmunk. Kate, an unrepentant chipmunk chaser, couldn't tear herself away from this little scene.

In between the usual insanity that increases as the end of term approaches, I've been trying to fit in my Christmas gift knitting. Which, of course, kind of limits what I can show here. But here's a peek at one project:

11/10/08 ETA: Mitts are worked on my new Knit Picks Harmony DPS--which, can I just say?--are totally fab.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, spring hopes eternal in young Kate... Sure hope she got a tasty dog treat as recompense for not being allowed to chase said chipmunk! Knitting looks so lovely! cmr