May 5, 2009

Birds Ate My Breakfast

Gino and Rocky are nothing if not persistent. And they love cereal. Here they are perched on my bowl looking for a handout.

Katie, meanwhile, has been giving our new mudroom rug a test drive.

This is a super tough, indoor/outdoor rug--guaranteed to stand up to muddy feet and paws. A couple passes with the vacuum and it looks like new again.

This is my first post in a while. The past couple months of this term have been unbelieveably busy. Not much time for blogging or knitting. Classes end this week and, hopefully, things will settle down a bit.


Rima said...

I didnt know you had birdies! They are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Those birds look vicious.

And it's about time you posted....Let's see some knitting, now.