July 31, 2009

Attack of the Giant Zucchini

This week's haul included those two gigantor zucchini in the back, cucumbers and a handful of beans. I'm running out of ideas for zucchini :O --especially these big guys which don't taste as good. These cukes may be the last of the summer, but we sure have enjoyed them. And next year I think we'll plant more so we can enjoy them longer. My favorite cucumber recipe at the moment is to just add some rice wine vinegar, a little sugar, and a few teaspoons of toasted sesame seeds. Totally yum.

A big distraction this week has been 365 Days of My Dog--my new favorite Flickr group. Which I joined. Because (1) I need more excuses to take pictures of my dog and (2) I need more reasons to be at my computer.

Also keeping me online these days is this podcast on dog training hosted by Jolanta Benal. If you're looking for excellent advice about positive training, this podcast is worth a listen.


JeanG said...

I've been thinking of trying this recipe but haven't yet:


Rima said...

Oh Zuchhini. How much I love you.