June 9, 2010


Google "garlic scape," and you'll discover just about everything you needed to know about this delicacy. Which is exactly what we did this week when it was time to de-scape our garlic crop which, I know, you've been dying to hear more about. Garlic scapes are not only delicious, but they're fun to photograph because they're so weird looking. When I Googled "garlic scapes recipes," I found lots of options. Fortunately, I have plenty of these things to experiment with. For a first try, I added them to stir fry. Totally tasty. Garlic scape pesto seems to be the big thing, though, and that's probably next on my list.

Also--weirdly--while on Google maps recently, A. discovered that if you click on the image icon for one of the intersections near our house, you get the following shot of me and Katie. Pretty unnerving. I know there's no privacy on the internets, but on my own street? If, like me, you're asking how did they do that, you can read more here. I am of course aware of the irony of my posting this photo on my blog (i.e., in public) in order to complain about an invasion of privacy. Such are the contradictions of our wired culture.


Anonymous said...

We have wild garlic growing in our backyard that look very much like your scapes. So far, they're the only vegetable we've been able to grow back there.

Anonymous said...

That was me who just posted, btw.