July 8, 2010

Adventures of Tiny the Dog

This is the third summer that Kate and I are participating in Reading to Dogs at the Easton Library. Above, Kate chillaxes while she listens to a story about Tiny, a giant dog who gets into all kinds of trouble. It's one of her favs. Many of the books in the reading room are about dogs, and I think the dogs appreciate it. I also think they appreciate the air-conditioning and the cool tile floor. The library provides mats for the kids to sit on, but sometimes the dogs claim them instead.

Kate is a surprisingly patient listener. When we first started coming to the library, I was worried that after 10 minutes she'd be giving me her "let's go" bark. But as it turns out, she's pretty happy to lay around listening to the kids read and hearing from the adults about how "she's such a good dog." (I like that too.)

These days, when Kate's not listening to stories, she's camped out in front of one of the AC vents at home. We still take a long morning walk, but it's already pretty hot by the time we get back around 7. And dinner walks are considerably shorter.

In spite of the heatwave (and thanks, probably, to diligent watering on our part), our garden is doing great. Helena and I have been documenting as we go so that we have a record to guide us for next year. This week, the big event was harvesting our garlic, but we also have snow peas, radishes, beans, zucchini and more lettuce.

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