September 9, 2006

Getting Started

Welcome to my blog. And to my first post on my new blog, which was inspired by the blog of a friend who is one of the best knitters I know and who, even though she only learned to knit about a year ago is far more skilled than I (I've been knitting since I first learned how in the 10th grade). AND who, over the past months, has patiently answered many of my knitting questions, shared books and supplies, and generally inspired me to keep working at it.

I'll be writing more about knitting later. For the moment, I'll be writing about another project I'm currently working on--agility training with my dog (Katie, the wonder dog, who also says she will be contributing to this blog from time to time). For the uninitiated, the sport of dog agility involves navigating an obstacle course with your dog. You want to get through the course with the fastest time and the fewest errors. Now, you may have seen agility trials on Animal Planet--and let me just state for the record that K. and I look nothing like the teams in those trials. Nonetheless, in a month, we will enter our first real trial, so I'll be writing here about what we're doing to get ready.

Here we are at a fun match a few years ago:


chawne said...

Hee hee, B! Welcome to the blogging world. I look forward to reading your thoughts about dogs and knitting...

Knitting Bea said...

Thanks. Glad to be here :-)