September 15, 2006

Why I shouldn't knit when I'm tired

I admit that I'm not a very ambitious knitter. I have a tendency to pick projects I want to wear, or that I want to make for someone else. I'm trying now to also pick at least some projects that will teach me new things. Since the semester has started, though, I wanted a couple projects that didn't require anything very fancy and that, if I had to set aside for a time, I could pick up again without too much difficulty. So I started knitting an easy cardigan (from Stitch n' Bitch). All was going well until . . . the other night when I discovered a mistake and decided to go back and fix it. I was really tired, and I probably should have just put it away and come back in the daylight when I was rested. But I fixed the problem and got myself back on track. What I didn't realize until yesterday, a week later, was that I'd forgotten to keep track of the unknitted and reknitted rows on my counter. ACK! I tried counting the rows this morning, but between the tiny stitches and the dark color, I don't quite trust my counting.


chawne said...

Oh boy! I think I've done that, too; counting rows is too much work for a lazy person like me. Can you try knitting for length rather than by counting rows? You can usually look up diagrams to know proportions and then just knit until it's "long enough."

Knitting Bea said...

Thanks for the advice. That's actually what I'm going to try to do. I'll let you know how it works out! :O