November 10, 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, #44, Sky Blue

Posted for Chawne who asked how progress was coming along. Yes, I could just walk down one floor to the Math Department and show you, but I'm too lazy--so here's a picture, taken yesterday. As of this morning, the scarf is about twice as long. I love this pattern (thanks to GK for calling it to my attention!). Perhaps because this is only my second cable project, my stitches are lookin' a little wobbly! but they're getting better as I go along. Practice makes perfect, I guess. Also, my cable needle for the first cable row was too big, so I switched to a smaller one. Live and learn. Can I think of any more cliches? Possibly, but 2 is probably a good limit for one post.

Outside, there is much noise coming from our neighbor's garage which, it appears, is getting a new roof. There's nothing I like to hear more when I'm trying to work than constant hammering. NOT. Katie, however, has managed to nap on, her doggy sleep undisturbed.

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chawne said...

Thanks for showing your scarf in-progress! I love the color and your cables are surely lookin' great.