January 1, 2007

Socking On

New Year's resolution: Knit more socks.

Pattern (far left and right): Garter stitch sock(from Sensational Knitted Socks, four-stitch ribbing patterns).
Knit Picks Simple Stripes (left); Cascade Fixation Spraydyed
(right, which I bought from Simply Socks Yarn Co ).
Needles: #2 dpns (left); #1 dpns (right)

Pattern (middle): Openwork rib sock (from Sensational
Knitted Socks
, four-stitch ribbing patterns).
Cascade Fixation, Solid
(also from Simply Socks Yarn Co)
Needles: #2 dpns

Katie's New Year's resolution: Next year, remember to take a nap so I can stay up until midnight!


1 comment:

chawne said...

Yay, socks! You've certainly been bitten by the bug. They all look great. Happy New Year!