June 19, 2007

FOs: Socks for My Dad

I waited to post these until after Father's Day.

Nothing fancy--just simple St St socks with short row heels. Truly, though, me and the short row heel will just never be BFF:

Yes, the SRH is fast and not so much with the counting, but (in my hands at least) just not so dependable. Meanwhile, here's a close up of the Dutch heel from my Madder Ribbed socks (Knitting Vintage Socks). Now there's a respectable heel.

I love this pattern. Love. It.

At first I thought the seams along the back of the heel might be weird, but actually they make for a seriously good-fitting sock. The star toe, I admit, isn't such a good fit for me (maybe Weldon's readers at the turn of the century had pointier feet?!).

I definitely see more Vintage Sock patterns in my future. And more projects with my Knitpicks nickel-plated dpns. (Thanks cauchy09 for the book and the recommendations!)

1 comment:

cauchy09 said...

Yay! I love your Madder Ribbed socks. And, the heel...the heel is perfect!!!

Of course, I find your short row heel fine, too. I did figure out a way to fix those last pesky holes by picking up stitches and then immediately decreasing them.