August 22, 2007

OSW Squashy Bag

Dead camera batteries + house full of company = no blog updates.

But I did get in some knitting, especially in the past couple of days because it's been raining like crazy.

So I have this rule that I can knit for an hour in the morning, and then I have to stop. If I don't, I won't get anything else done. I'm an early riser, so this rule works pretty well (i.e., it doesn't mess up my day) when I stick to it. But sometimes I cheat. Like today. I'd started the "Squashy Bag" from OSW yesterday, and was making good progress until this morning when I got to the flap. For some reason, I got messed up counting the bind offs just before the flap, and it took me a few tries before I figured out what the instructions were actually telling me to do. "Step away from the knitting," I kept thinking, "come back to it later." But in addition to my 1-hour-in-the-morning-rule, I also have a thing about not putting work down when I'm stuck on something--I hate the thought of picking up a project and having to first undo a problem. (Is that weird?) Anyway, I think I finally figured it out, but I won't be completely sure until I knit more of the flap to see if it's really centered.

Yarn is Mauch Chunky that I bought a couple weeks ago at my LYS. I hadn't tried this yarn before, but I'm really liking it. The color is "bing cherry," and I'm using size 11 circs (24", but I probably could have used 16") and DPNs.

And below, finally FINALLY, I finished the second blue stripey sock. The first of this pair was my first short-row heel attempt, and I discovered after I posted (bragged) that there was actually a pretty big hole at the last wrapped stitches on each side. A few gajillion SRHs later, and, grateful for advice from helpful friends about minimizing those dag blasted holes, I forced myself to finish the second sock.

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Anonymous said...

So, have you reached the point yet where you have a a pair of socks for every day of the week? I think I have, but I keep giving them away, so technically I have only two pairs for the week. I don't know, but all my friends seem to have size 9/12 feet,