August 6, 2007

More Yarn and some FOs

... and then, you know how maybe you have another friend who takes a trip and brings you back as a souvenir a couple balls of Regia sock yarn (because she understands that a girl can never have too much sock yarn). Thanks Courtney!

So. Okay. Some FOs to report on. First, last week I finished my Ribbed Lace Socks (from SKS). I think these turned out swell. And did I mention how I love the eye-of-partridge heel? (Yes, I believe I did, but it bears repeating.)

Next: I actually took a break from sock knitting when I caught sight of this tote on Ashley's blog. The original pattern, Elisa's Nest Tote, can be found at the fabulous Purl Bee. Ashley's photo is way cuter than mine. My nephews are, sadly, too big to fit inside this tote, even though it does stretch quite a bit. So I opted for the more traditional photo of tote-with-fruit. As if I just returned from the farmer's market--where, actually, I haven't yet taken my tote because, well, I wasn't quite finished with it on Saturday morning in time to shop there.

Although this project took me longer than, as the pattern puts it, "a few hours," this was practically guilt free knitting because I used up a couple balls of 1824 cotton that I had in my stash. My tote is just a little smaller than the measurements given in the pattern--partly because I suspected I didn't have enough yarn and partly because I made it a comfortable size for my 5'1" self to carry. Accordingly, I opted for the shorter (8") handles.

And, finally, I tried my hand at this lacey bookmark from One-Skein Wonders. The knitting was quick, although I didn't love working with crochet thread.

But the beading. Oy. I read the pattern and thought--okay, string some beads. How hard could that be? And, as it turns out, it's not the beading, but the knotting. See those ugly white knots under the last bead on the bottom? You don't see those in the picture in the book. I checked. So how do you not have those knots at the end? Beats me. I looked online, but maybe wasn't using the right search terms because I only found info about working with wire, not waxed thread, which is what the pattern calls for. I did get some helpful advice about how to hide the ends of the string. (Thanks, Courtney's friend.) Also, note to self--next time match the string I use for the beads to the yarn color. Duh.

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