July 17, 2008

Beach Dog

Just returned from a week at the beach where, it turns out, Kate discovered her inner water dog. (Kate's half collie, and we suspect the other half is some kind of retriever--she looks a lot like a flat-coated retriever.) Up until last week Kate showed zero interest in the water, but something about the ocean made her curious, and, after giving me a heartattack by suddenly plunging in--and UNDER--her little head popped back up, she paddled to shore, shook off, and was ready to go back in. Fortunately, we stayed at a dog-friendly hotel, so dragging a wet dog back and forth to the room wasn't a problem, even when Katie decided to "dry off" on the carpet in the lobby.

On our way to the beach, we had a great visit with CMR and EO. Here's Katie enjoying the view from their back porch. Among many other treats, we enjoyed a dessert of homemade ice-cream from C's new ice-cream maker. C and E are the epitome of dog people, and Katie took every advantage of that fact.

I didn't do as much knitting as I expected to while we were away, but I did knit most of the second waving lace sock, which I finally finished this morning. This is an excellent pattern and, if we weren't having such pleasant summer weather (good rain, not too hot), I might wish for wool-sock-wearing temps.

Since we've been home, Kate's been spending a lot of time doing this--
Since the spring, several new puppies have moved into the neighborhood, and this is what she looks like after playing with them.


Rima said...

Those socks turned out so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

B--it was so great to see you and A--and Kate, of course!! Man, does she have the "I'm in love with water" look in the first pic... Your socks are gorgeous. Tonight's dessert: homemade blueberry sorbet. Don't you wish you were having dinner with us?! :) cmr

JeanG said...

That last photo is adorable! Daisy relaxes on the couch in that same position after being at day care for 8 hours. Irresistable.

Punkinhead said...

Nice dye job on Waving Lace! I have to make that pattern!