August 8, 2008

Sleep-Away Camp. For Pets.

Our household has grown temporarily: meet Skylar

and Teddy.

They moved in last week while their people are on vacation. My study is Pet Central, and we're all having a very good time. At first, it seemed like my parakeets weren't quite sure what to make of Skylar, but then they decided it was okay to play together. Here's a clip of the three of them on the play table:

There's another video posted on my Flickr page. (Thank goodness I finally figured out how to do this with my digital camera--these little guys almost never stay still long enough to get a photograph.)

Teddy, being nocturnal and black (with the cutest white spot), is pretty hard to capture on film. Here's a murky video I took the other night.

I have lots of parakeet experience, but have never lived with a hamster. I got some good advice from Sarah, Teddy's person, and also from my friend Harry, previously owned by Brian, one of the cutest (and most spoiled) hamsters ever. I also found helpful information on the HSUS and ASPCA sites.

I'll post more photos and videos soon. As I was writing this--which used to be much longer--Blogger ate part of it. So I'll try again later...


Anonymous said...

Wow!! "It was really nice of you to send us the videos and the pictures. It was fun seeing Skylar and Teddy again and I hope they have a great time at birdie and hamster day camp. So have fun Teddy and Skylar!" (from Sarah) Very cool! Thank you for taking such good care of the animals. We loved seeing them and sharing their pictures with cousins, aunts and uncles. Hope all is well, Diane

JeanG said...

You have to love those little blackberry hamsters. So cute with the pink hands and feet!

Anonymous said...

Um, I thought the hamster was a rat!

And didn't Harry have several hamsters named Brian? I think that was the designated hamster name.