July 4, 2009


I'm proud to say that Katie has earned her TDIA, awarded by Therapy Dogs, Int'l (TDI) after 50 visits. When I showed her the certificate, she gave it one snoof, and went back to her afternoon nap. Oh well.

Last week in the garden, we noticed that the string beans and radishes were ready to eat.

I don't like radishes, but I heard from A. and H. that they were good. I do like string beans, though, and I'm disappointed that the plants don't seem to be thriving. Or maybe 8 plants isn't enough to produce many beans. Or maybe we planted them too late. Or they don't like the soil they're planted in. Clearly, I need to read more about growing beans.

On a more positive note, my stirrup hoe arrived. Look out weeds!

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