July 12, 2009

Embossed Leaves

This photo was taken with my iPhone and then enhanced using the CameraBag app. Cool, no?

I finished the above Embossed Leaves sock this morning, and then just to ensure it will have a mate, I CO and knit the first two rows of sock #2. I would have finished these sooner, except that I got distracted by these coasters (one set for me, one gifted), this quilt and these mittens.

Now that we've had more sun, our vegetable garden has perked up. On Monday, we picked the rest of the radishes and in their place planted brussel sprouts. We also weeded and thinned out the corn, and added a nifty stepping stone path. Re the War against Weeds, er, Wild Plants--I can't say enough good things about our stirrup hoe. It's unbelievably efficient. Worth every penny. Srsly.

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