November 28, 2009

New Project

Because I didn't have enough WIPs and hadn't finished the actual work I'd planned to do yesterday or made much progress on Christmas knitting, I started a new project: Alexandra Tinsley's EDI ("Everybody's Doing It") Cowl (available here). I'm using Lamb's Pride Bulky, which, I know, some people (GK) find "too itchy," but which I find really toasty for scarves, especially when I'm bundling up in the wee hours of a cold winter morning to walk the dog. And--bonus: no scarf ENDS to dangle and possibly touch (ugh) the dog poo when I bend over to pick it up. I've knitted my way through one skein and I expect to use most of another before it's long enough.

I am trying to be disciplined about the Christmas knits, and I'm making some progress. I can't show everything here, but as I was knitting another finger of Welig this afternoon, I noticed how gloves IP look kind of alien--in an ET-phone-home sort of way.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the fear of a scarf-meeting-dog-poop is widespread; it's the first thing my friend Beatrice mentioned when I gave her a cowl last year.

And yes, Brown Sheep is way too itchy for my delicate neck.


knitizen said...

i've got one on the needles too and now seeing your lovely cowl, i'm gonna try to finish mine.