January 3, 2010

New Year, New Mittens (What WIPs?)

I allowed myself to start a new mitten project because, well, I have no will power. I think I'm in denial about my WIP pile... But since the holiday rush is over, I decided to start a pattern I'd been saving for when-I-had-more-time. Which I don't, actually. But I'm pretending. Like I said--my WIPs, denial, like that.

Also, I turned out some really nice Christmas knits (like these gloves and this little piggy), so basically you could argue I pretty much deserve to impulsively start a new project.

I'm just saying.

Enter: Bird in Hand Mittens. Ahhhhh. These are just as lovely as the other 644 Ravelers who've knit them say they are. I knitted the cuff of the first mitten and a couple rows of the hand. I'm knitting with stash yarn (points for that, no?): the blue is Lamb's Pride Nature Spun and the white is some Cascade 220. The dark blue with the bright white turns out to be really striking.

And after I finish these, and maybe a WIP or two, I can maybe try these mittens, which a very nice friend gifted to me on Ravelry. :)

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