February 18, 2010

Kindle Love and Other Things

Last month I treated myself to a Kindle. I blame CMR and some other friends who kept talking about how much they loved theirs. And I have to say, now that I have one, I see what they mean. In case you're admiring my Kindle case, you can buy your own on Etsy from Janine King Designs. In addition to the terrific construction and cool fabric, I'm loving the extra zipper pocket on the front.

I had a bit of a delay with my BIH mittens. As I was working on mitten #2, I broke a fav pair of Knit Picks circs. :( But an email to Customer Service got me a brand new set. Thanks Knit Picks. You rock! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just saw your blog for the first time in, uh, forever...I love your Kindle cover! It's beauteous! Does it have a hard back so that you can hold it with one hand? Also, your mitten (singular) is gorgeous. Do you need my hand measurement? :) CMR