July 21, 2010

Garden Notes

A couple weeks ago, we were battling drought conditions. Thankfully last week brought some much needed rain. This week we have different challenges: weeds and bugs. For the past three mornings, we've been out there weeding away. Today, finally, we have the weeds mostly under control (see the photo above or see an annotated view). Not that things will stay that way for long, but we've turned a corner and so long as we keep up with the weeds, it shouldn't get as bad as it was again for the rest of the summer.

Re bugs: earlier this week, we discovered our zucchini was infested with squash borers. Then, a few days later, we noticed lots of cucumber beetles flying around. We ended up pulling out the zucchini, but it may not matter in the end since mostly every plot in the community garden has the same problem. So no matter what we do, these guys will be in the soil next season.

To discourage cucumber beetles, Helena whipped up a batch of garlic pepper spray, which we applied to the leaves of our cucumber plants and other CB favs.

Scary looking stuff, no? And it smells pretty bad too.

On a happier note, we're proud to announce the appearance of two lovely cantaloupe. (See them there under the leaves?)

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