July 30, 2010


Mild panic yesterday afternoon when I handwashed my pinwheel blanket and blue dye bled all over the yellow and white sections. Ugh. The weird part is that the blue yarn comes from a cone I've had for, like, a year and used in other projects with not problem at all.

So, anyway, not knowing what else to do, I spot cleaned the stains, rinsed, and got most of the dye stains out. But then I started thinking that there was no way I could gift a baby blanket that wasn't washable. So, I held my breath and put the blanket through a wash cycle. This time, no blue dye stains, but a lot of blue lint which--fortunately--is not a project-ruining outcome. A spin in the dryer on low produced no additional problems.


Project details are on my Ravelry page.


Anonymous said...

This blanket is gorgeous! I've been thinking about this pattern for awhile. Is it hard? Yay about the color.

Knitting B said...

Thank you. The pattern is easy, fast and fun. The garter stitch doesn't get boring because the individual sections knit up quickly and when you finish one, you get to change colors.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to initial my last post... What's your next project? cmr