November 19, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend I celebrated my one-year sockiversary and also? seven years ago, on a similarly cold and snowy weekend, A. and I tied the knot.


In honor of the former, a brief retrospective of sock highlights from the past year.

First Sock? In the beginning, there was the Class Sock, from Sensational Knitted Socks. (The addiction begins.)

Favorite sock pattern? My two Vintage Sock projects are tied for first: Madder and Lichen. Chevron Socks from SKS are a close second.

Favorite sock heel? I think I'm over my infatuation with the short row heel, and these days, I'm happiest with patterns that call for some kind of heel flap. As I work my way through VS, I'm learning a lot about different heels (and toes--more about this in a sec). No doubt I'll encounter some favs there. For all around beauty-osity? it's the eye-of-partridge heel , hands (feet?) down.

Favorite sock yarn? Hm. Hard one. For all around goodness, I'd pick Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. For softy-luxury worth splurging on, Apple Laine Apple pie. And I seriously mis-underestimated both Knit Picks Gloss (yes, it does get a little fuzzy, but it's very very [very] soft) and Crystal Palace Panda Cotton (splitty, but the softness of the final fabric is worth the aggravation).

Most ambitious project? Probably the Ribbed-Lace pattern in SKS. And, long-term, probably my knit-every-VS-pattern-while-on-sabbatical plan.

Favorite toe? I was skeptical of the pointy toes in some of the VS patterns, but it I actually love the fit--and look--of the 3 pt star toe on my Lichen Ribs. And, honestly? Madder's pointiness has grown on me.

Socks I wear most often? Lichen Ribs, definitely.

Total sock pairs completed? I confess, I could have kept better count, but my sock-sense tells me it's somewhere around 12. About one pair a month. Not speedy, but at least steady?

What about UFOs? I don't have many, actually. I tend to finish socks. For some reason. The second Broadripple awaits a toe. And I have a pair of Trekking socks that is currently IP.

Plans for year two? Well, my Ravelry queue of patterns grows daily. Way too many to list here. But in addition to more Vintage Sock socks, I'd like to try a bunch of Favorite Sock patterns. And toe-up socks. And I probably need to give magic-looping another try. And then there's all the sock yarn waiting patiently in my stash (now, at least, nicely organized by color so that I can see what I have). Is that too much? :O


Anonymous said...

A Sock Sabbatical. I'm sure this will look good on your end of year report. In fact, I think you should just copy this page and use it :)

Happy Anniversary to you and A. As long as he doesn't interfere with the yarn (acquisitions, stash management, actual knitting), I predict a long and happy marriage.


knitizen said...

this makes an excellent case for knitting your way through a good sock book. i was just wondering how to try out different heels and toes in a less haphazard way than my random pattern selection and now you've answered my question. hmmm, i might have to structure a class around this...

Rima said...

Happy Anniversary. Yay!